Personnel - BCL Molecular 18

BCL Molecular 18
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BCL Personnel - in Progress

(Frankly names I have come across in reports, memories from ex-BCL people, and those I remember)


Gordon Clark
Bill Heselton - Lows, Business Mechanisation Ltd., Bismec Group Ltd, Business Computers Ltd
Bill Gannon - Systemation Ltd, Bismec Group Ltd, Business Computers Ltd - MD from April 1974
Lewis Harris - MD in 1971, resigned in 1974

Alan Davidson
Peter Mooney
Paul Moorhead?
Mick Morehead?
John Dunn
Steve Kay
Rena Brewin

Post 1974

Michael Munnelly - Managing Director
Eric Gilliland - Sales Director
Martin Alcock - Technical Director

Rochdale, then Halesowen
Gordon Ledger

Leicester, then Halesowen
Chris Green - later contractor
Joe Templeman - later contractor

Jerry Hedges - Branch software manager
Martin Etherington - Branch support manager
Hazel Higginbottom - support
Kevin Murrell (later Milton Keynes)
Alan ? (looked after livestock markets)
? Young guy - supported Selco
? Big Guy - looked after PTS and Multi-Markets
Sue Cotton - MCMB Developer
Tony ? - MCMB Developer
Nigel Hawes - MCMB Developer

No fixed abode!
Anne McGrory - Project Manager
Peter Haynes - Sales

Boreham Wood, then Milton Keynes
John Griffiths (Griffo)
Christian Gobbe (later SDL Ltd)
Richard Irving
Rod Lugger
Penny Pritchard (Honorary mention as not an Molly person as such!)
Mark Robbins
Andy Price

Milton Keynes
Bob Doncaster - OS Development
Mick Benham - OS Development
Chris Spicer
Cassie ?
Vivienne ?
Penti ?

Systemation Services Ltd
Keith Howlett
Bill Gethin
Alan Tonry
Alan Edwards

Systemation Developments Ltd
Keith Howlett
Geoff Boote
John Adams

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