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BCL Molecular 18
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Machine Index

Below is a list of the machines manufactured by a small group of companies that belong under the general BCL umbrella.

Regarding date:  If I have no idea, then the date will be left blank. If I suffix the year with a ? then that is an educated guess.  Otherwise the dates are from published documents.
Model Name
1962SystemationBETSIEDesktop 'calculator' designed to settle complicated bets

DOTTIESystemation's first machine designed for commerical invoicing.
Systemation & BisMec
SADIESterling And Decimal Invoicing Electronically
Systemation & BisMec as BCL
SUSIEStock Updating Sales Invoicing Electronically

MULTI-SUSIEAn extention to SUSIE that support multiple workstations link back to a 'server' with a DRUM store.
MOLECULARMk 1The first Molecular model.
MOLECULARMk 2A development from the Mk 1 which added new features, but broke a lot of the Mk 1 applications.  

Mk 6METhe new features added in the Mk 2 were removed.
(Runs LOS)
1977Allied Business Systems LtdMolecular80Not a Molecular, but a possible sales opportunity that failed to go anywhere.
1977Allied Business Systems LtdMOLECULARMk 4Not hugely different technically from the Mk 3, albeit in a new cabinet.
(Runs either LOS or OS)

Systemation Developments LtdMk 5Using the new three-board processor set from SDL Ltd as well as a new SMD disk controller, 32K Static RAM boards with battery backup, and new four port serial cards.  (LOS not supported, OS Only)
1985?Systemation Developments LtdMOLECULARDistributorUsing the same hardware as the Mk 5, but a new smart cabinet with a discreet front panel beneath the top cover. (OS only)
1987Business Computer (Systems) PlcDistributor-EPUsing a new four part serial card designed by BCL and a software 'front panel'. (MPOS only)
1991?Systemation Developments LtdAMIGO
A new processor set from SDL Ltd as well as their own new four part serial card.
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